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Just like any other season, winter should be something everyone prepares for. While the general goal is to get warm and keep warm, both can sometimes be a challenge especially if you are outdoors. But if you are indoors, there is something you can do to rectify the situation. For starters, you’ll need a source of heat. Whether it be a wood-burning, gas-burning, or alcohol fireplace, you need to prepare it before the winter season begins. 

We at Providence Chimney Cleaning & Service offer chimney services to homes that need their chimneys cleaned, maintained, or repaired. Except for electric fireplaces, smoke coming from burning fireplaces will produce soot. Soot is what can block the chimney and prevent the smoke itself from escaping effectively from the chimney. This will cause the smoke to go back down and linger in the house. The worst part is when the chimney will stop working.  

Don’t let that happen to your home. Our team of professionals are highly skilled and experienced to handle just about any chimney there is. Some chimneys don’t need an overhaul. We inspect your chimney to see what part of it is not doing well. Then we recommend the type of service that your chimney will need. But rest assured, all our services will guarantee satisfaction and contentment on our customers and clients. Other than cleaning, we also offer Chimney Masonry Repair, Chimney Liner Installations, Chimney Flashing Repair, Chimney Crown Repair, Chimney Waterproofing for overall maintenance of your chimney. We are built on the principles of transparency and integrity. However big or small the project is, everyone will get a fair quote.